Envision a safer and smarter world with Dell Technologies IoT and Computer Vision

26 February 2019 | 3518 Shares

With today’s increasing demands for security and safety, advanced, intelligent video surveillance technology is more important than ever. Thankfully, powerful innovations in facial recognition, 4K and higher-resolution imaging sensors, drones and bodycams are transforming our ability to keep a safe watch over just about any environment, and do it 24/7/365, with minimal strain on human resources.

At the heart of modern surveillance and security technology lies computer vision fueled by data. How much data? Almost unimaginable amounts. Consider: just one 4K sensor creates roughly 2GB per minute. That adds up fast. So as organizations such as retailers, financial institutions, the education sector, transport, law enforcement & security, and government agencies all install an increasing number of high resolution cameras, they are being flooded with data that must be ingested, acted on and stored efficiently and, most importantly, do so in a way that ensures compliance with regulations and minimal risk — especially for public spaces, such as an office lobby, city street or sports arena.

Adding to the data challenge is that fact that facilities managers must also manage disparate OT (operational technology) systems such as elevators, HVAC, IT networking, security systems, building access and so on. An example of this might be an office building’s video surveillance solution, elevators with their own management consoles, individual air conditioning units, and networking capabilities (CAT 5 or 6 throughout the building), to name but a few. Each control mechanism could be entirely separate from the others, despite the availability of infrastructure.

But the Internet of Things (IoT) offers the potential for better way forward. By bringing together OT and IT, IoT opens the doors for IT departments to centralize and simplify control and management of disparate OT systems. For surveillance, IoT means that dedicated surveillance systems can now share the same platform and infrastructure as the cameras integral to the elevator monitoring systems and the cameras that trigger air conditioning automatically on each floor as staff arrive to start the day. However, integrating IT and OT can be challenging, not only technically (multiple vendors, data protocols, latency requirements, cybersecurity) but also culturally, as OT and IT have different mindsets and have not typically worked in a coordinated way.

Dell Technologies recognizes the unique challenges of integrating IT and OT and is engineering integrated solutions that leverage the company’s open end-to-end portfolio of essential infrastructure, management software and data security and protection innovations, as well as partners. The result: a simplified approach to IoT-enabled surveillance that offers flexibility at any scale, ensures protection of operations and critical processes, uncovers insights in vast quantities of data and is backed by trusted expertise.

Leveraging Dell EMC Poweredge servers and VMware the Dell Technologies IoT solution for Surveillance provides a pre-integrated, pre-tested and lab-validated hyperconverged solution outfitted with the customer’s choice of leading technology and applications from all major surveillance vendors. In addition, Dell Technologies’ enterprise-grade solution features designed-in security and has been tested to extremes, in laboratory conditions and in the field, to ensure reliability and suitability for a range of environments, from gritty industrial spaces to public spaces to pristine hospitals.

Recognizing that IoT for safety and security is rapidly evolving, Dell Technologies takes an open, standards-based approach to ensure that customers have choice and flexibility today, while ensuring adaptability on the road ahead, as new technologies and sensors become available and regulations change. Dell Technologies’ open solutions also enable multicloud strategies so customers can choose the cloud or clouds (private/public/hybrid) their organization and goals require.

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