Business data management for capacity, scalability, and resilience: Cloudian

12 February 2019 | 2201 Shares

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With the new currency of the world marketplace rapidly becoming data, businesses of any size are actively taking steps to put into place the data storage infrastructure and procedures that can handle large quantities of information.

Whether it’s big data that’s processed by a Hadoop cluster, huge repositories of shared files, or large quantities of video, ensuring that data is safe, available and scalable is a challenge that many face.

Despite the claims of the business technology press (and quite a few of the companies featured on pages like this one), there isn’t, in reality, a headlong rush into the cloud, as far as storage and compute are concerned.

Many organizations use the cloud for services, hosting, disaster recovery and plenty more reasons besides, but most companies are employing a hybrid model of storage: some cloud instances, a data center or two, and even perhaps discrete edge deployments of resources that are best kept local.

IT departments are, of course, capable of managing these different repositories, deploying various technologies for back-up, archiving, disaster recovery and shuffling data around from hot, to warm, to cold storage.

But Cloudian now offers a more practical and cost-effective approach to supplying companies and large organizations with a powerful way to deploy and manage the storage resources already available, and scale at will, with zero downtime.

Many business professionals will have heard of software abstraction, and without delving into too many of the technical details, the cloud object storage techniques that power huge, elastic data stores of the likes of film studios, Netflix and DropBox are now available to any company.

The advantages to every organization (regardless of business type) from object storage technology include data that’s highly available, more deeply searchable (via metadata associated with your information) and a distributed structure that pulls greater ROI from legacy storage. Cloudian HyperStore creates the overseeing visibility & the capability to manage data across all storage, and with granular access policies easily applied irrespective of the underpinning structure.

Every resource available provides its fullest ROI, with HyperStore appliances (available in units ranging in capacity from 96TB to 840TB) acting in concord with each other, alongside compatible services: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or any S3 endpoint. Data protection apps already in use (like Veeam, CommVault, et al.) can be used, so new policies don’t have to be drawn up.

Data encryption & distribution technologies work across the platform, ensuring high levels of security and QoS, allowing organizations to offer impressive KPIs to customers & clients. The solution comes with usage monitoring facilities, so calculations for billing cycles can be seamlessly captured in reports.

Integration with key applications and easy deployment means simpler management of the whole storage stack; saving time and resources. This is technical efficiency directly correlating with a lower cost of operations and storage, across the business. Cloudian solutions replace legacy storage that won’t scale, but allow capitalization on all available resources, with existing NAS arrays (for example) able to benefit from HyperStore’s powerful feature set: multi-tenancy, geographic dispersal, and one management console to oversee the whole.

Cloudian makes it effortless to integrate on-premise and cloud storage making multi-cloud and complex hybrid topologies simple to manage & conceptualize, with infinitely scalable storage and significant savings on operational costs.

With integrated tools that encompass in-house, Azure, GCS, and AWS, uses are down to you: replication, backup, or massively-elastic storage. The technology behind the solutions that deploy the scalable, always-available storage resources also offer better information insights and control: the business gets unified management of its data resources, with the seamless ability to scale at will and significantly lowered costs. And that’s a compellingly positive offering to take to the board room table.

You can sign up for a 45-day free trial to test the technology for yourself, or contact a representative today to learn more specific detail.