The future of application development is made of Vinyl

15 January 2019 | 5346 Shares

Source: Zudy

Avid readers of the biztech press would be forgiven for believing that every organization under the sun is embarking on a journey of digital transformation.

The implication is that transforming your business into an agile, technologically-empowered machine can be achieved overnight: that’s what’s happening on your competitors’ premises – best you catch up!

While some companies are successfully managing to achieve the agility and cost savings that a meaningful digital transformation can bring, many are struggling by the constraints imposed on them, ironically, by technology itself.

The truth is that existing systems being used to run the enterprise (there may be thousands of solutions in place across a large multinational) are dictating to the business how its processes will work, or worse, what can or can’t be done at all.

It’s into this situation that Vinyl, a true no-code development platform from Zudy comes, to stop the situation in which the IT tail is ‘wagging the dog’.

How the solution works is ingenious. Firstly, it enables the resources that are walking through your organization’s front door every working day – the business experts. Your users know what problems the business faces, and (surprisingly, for some bosses) know how to solve many of the issues – except the technology gets in the way.

In the past, businesses have had to deploy large and expensive developer teams, which will produce “new” solutions over the course of months, if not years. However, as anyone who’s ever commissioned a software solution will tell you, over the course of those sorts of time spans, requirements change because problems move and alter. When the solution finally arrives, it no longer matches up with the new scenario.

What Zudy’s platform Vinyl provides, is a rapid and yet highly-powerful platform on which your staff can develop “progressive” applications in days. These “progressive” apps run on any device and provide a complete web and mobile experience.  Your skilled, motivated and problem-solving staff can now easily collaborate with IT, to bring relevant, timely solutions to work for your business now. You can end the tyranny of curly brackets. Text like this no longer needs to bog down your business:

typedef struct stopThing_s {
struct timeval eachThing[MAX_ROUNDTRIP_COUNT+1];
uint16_t roundTripCount;
} stopThing_t;

In just a few days, your team will be creating powerful integrated no-code apps which can leverage existing systems, thus preserving your investments while modernizing and mobilizing your business. Examples of some of these new applications include SKU Management for Retail  or Employee On-Boarding, fully integrated with your existing HR system.  Apps that digitally transform all processes and unify fragmented systems, linking and automating any area of your business now no longer take months or years to produce.  And no more managing two code bases for mobile and web.  Vinyl apps run on all devices and provide a complete mobile experience without the need for additional coding.  However, if you need a native mobile app Vinyl can easily deploy native mobile apps when required.

As the organization changes and pro-actively shifts to capitalize on new opportunities or new markets, Vinyl apps can be changed very simply and easily, using the same no-code framework using a complete life-cycle management system protecting all production systems.

Development teams which have until now been struggling to navigate their way through APIs, integration platforms, XML schema and layers of JavaScript will find that Zudy’s library of connectors has already removed the heavy-lifting they have previously had to undertake.

So those staff who know their workflows and systems inside out, can now quickly capitalize on their creative ideas and begin improving all areas, implementing ideas at the speed of thought. Yes, IT has a role here as a collaborative partner with the business, but not for coding. IT will be able to focus on high level data modeling and how to reduce costs by sunsetting legacy systems that are no longer needed.

Vinyl can integrate with any system, from esoteric Linux distros, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce even mobile solutions using Android and iOS. Vinyl is not tied to a specific database or ERP, plus— unlike some low-code competitors— the pricing model is unlimited users, unlimited apps.

Zudy’s team incorporated decades of application development experience simplifying technology’s complexities. Vinyl has been architected for change and is completely agnostic, working with all systems and data sources seamlessly.

The founder and CEO of Zudy, Tom Kennedy, espouses the concept that business processes, and the technology that support those processes, can be simplified by reducing issues down to a series of simple business focused nouns and verbs: words like ‘transfer’, ‘deliver’, ‘ship’ and ‘update’. Only by understanding what the business does can a solution to the company’s problems be built, and digital transformation occur.

The true architects of your business solutions should be the subject matter experts themselves. With Vinyl, the apps are business-centric, not constrained by technology. Even solutions that deliver fully automated talent management, sales process management, and integration with process and discrete manufacturing ERP’s can be delivered in a few weeks.

Complexities come from multiple layers of interoperability between incompatible systems— each of which represents a significant investment to your business. Vinyl’s no-code development platform means you can integrate with all your systems, express business logic, and produce robust, flexible, and secure applications that digitally transform your business for competitive advantage and much lower costs.

If you’re a business owner or are in charge of running a department, you should encourage your team to get a PoC from Zudy. To learn more about the Vinyl platform and the other services on offer (including Zudy’s AppFactory for the full concept-to app service), or to get a trial Vinyl subscription, get in touch with a representative today.