Making NICE work of robotic automation on the employee desktop and backend servers

22 January 2019 | 2861 Shares

NICE is certainly one of the longest-serving and most enduring providers of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) operating today – the company’s 500 deployments and over half a million robots in production environments serve as a testament to that.

The company’s 16 years’ experience informs its unique ability to seamlessly combine robotic (unattended, server-based) automation with desktop or attended automation, from a single, comprehensive platform.

This unique and powerful combination is designed to loop a human employee into any operational process as needed, while also creating changes in the business that will improve efficiencies and drive best practice. In addition, business processes become data compliant, errors created by human mistakes diminish almost completely, and your customers and partners get a more efficient & personalized service, with a human touch

The NICE RPA platform operates on the basis of universal integration, with any enterprise application (even those in remote environments) able to become part of a business-driven, cohesive technology ecosystem. It’s the close and seamless collaboration between human and virtual workforces that drives ROI, and actually enhances human performance and personnel motivation levels.

At the level of the individual user,  NICE’s virtual attendant offering (powered by its Desktop Automation technology), provides real-time process guidance that’s entirely in line with the aims of the organization’s digital transformation initiatives.

NICE’s virtual attendant robot even has a name: NEVA (the NICE Employee Virtual Attendant). NEVA has been designed for the employee to enable humans to reach their best potential. NEVA’s intelligent and human-like interface is driven by cognitive technology, so she’s fully interactive and responsive.

NEVA. Source: NICE

Employees can even engage with her through speech as well as text. Responding to certain mouse clicks or keyboard strokes, NEVA supports and guides. She is always on duty, appearing at the moments when an employee needs assistance, or, appearing with just the right information to add immediate value. This level of support has been proven to enhance human performance, thereby significantly improving business results.

As NEVA herself says:

“[…] my experience and expertise to align a human workforce during times of turbulence and change can come in quite handy. When a new company policy needs to be introduced, leave it to me. I will guide each and every employee at the perfect moment of a process with the new compliance requirements governing a particular process.”

NICE’s unique value proposition is that it combines the tireless work of unattended back-end robots with real-time desktop interactions. Robots deliver with 100 percent accuracy, and the whole solution is easily scalable to encompass more processes and more enterprise systems as the business grows.

As organizations increase the variety of processes they automate (both in back end server environments and in customer care departments), unstructured data sources such as scanned documents, email narratives, and posted letters can easily be incorporated. NICE Reading Robots leverage cognitive machine learning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition), so complex and unstructured data can be quickly interpreted and processed by robots. As the reading robots learn about new situations and content from human input, customer experiences are enhanced and processing times fall dramatically.

By mapping out where processes slow or falter, and by pinpointing the most efficient operators, bottlenecks can be automated around, and blueprints for best practice established and propagated. While NICE’s Desktop Analytics provide employee productivity insights and process path analyses, it’s the actual automations – built from the insights contained in employees’ desktop data – that drive operational efficiency and better service delivery.

RPA is quickly becoming a technology of choice for a wide variety of organizations in multiple verticals. Enterprises that embrace RPA in the front office, back office and shared services experience dramatic increases in business performance. ROI is swift and measurable if it’s done the NICE way.

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