Taking Business Process Management to the NeXt Level with QualiWare X

20 September 2018 | 2989 Shares

At the forefront of the new wave of business process management (BPM) solutions, QualiWare‘s solutions feature end-to-end coverage of essential business transformation measures. Each area of the business is covered, which creates an inherently logical and meaningful route to success.

  1. Smart capture

Modeling a business of any size or complexity can be difficult and complicated. It can consume notable resources in terms of time overheads. To cut the costs dramatically, QualiWare X can import text documents, spreadsheets or even pictures (for instance, of your whiteboard-based notes and models). This seemingly simple process circumvents many hours of transferring overarching plans from other formats into the digital domain.

  1. Dynamic operational information monitoring

By auditing existing processes and capturing the organization’s current operational positions, the QualiWare X solution lets enterprises clarify the current situation, capabilities, and future possibilities. The software’s dynamic gauges and charts allow the monitoring of operations as they stand, and the creation of KPIs linked to business processes and goals.

By connecting real-world data to the system, fully-fledged digital twins can be created.

Digital twins allow the representation and dynamic modeling of current processes and possible future variation and change. The QualiWare Lifecycle Manager, part of the powerful QualiWare X platform enables possibilities and ideas to be fully explored without committing expensive, real-life resources.

  1. Smart content search

With much business data spread across different silos and in a variety of formats, the QualiWare X platform offers dynamic organization and searching of existing data.

By leveraging hashtags, smart folders, indexed searches and powerful navigation features, vital information can be located and cataloged quickly and effectively. The entire repository structure can therefore be abstracted, making for end-users, a single point of truth which reaches right across what were once data silos.

  1. User-friendly and configurable interface

So often, graphical user interfaces are created by back-room coding teams, rather than business-oriented end-users. The QualiWare X platform was, among other, created to prevent users getting lost in strata of unnecessary information, options, and menus.

By presenting only relevant information, user-friendly front-ends are usable by non-experts; this lowers HR costs in many ways, not least by reducing training overheads for existing and new employees.

  1. Intelligent collaboration

Different organizations, departments, and working groups tend to create islands of knowledge. In IT terminology, this creates so-called data silos.

Discrete areas of information prevent effective communications and make inter-departmental and cross-functional collaborations highly problematic.

QualiWare X creates a single space where knowledge can be shared. With cross-platform collaboration, subscriptions, notifications, change requests, and powerful data visualizations, barriers between different functions in the enterprise are reduced.

  1. Compliance

While governance was mainly the worry and remit of finance and legal departments, the ubiquity of data now means that every division in the enterprise needs to be compliant with regulation governing data.

The QualiWare X solution provides a toolbox of everything required for any audit. These include Management routines covering compliance, problems, non-conformance, corrective actions, supplier and customer complaints.

Meta assessments of overall risk and costs of organizational activities can also be created, allowing Management to assess the effectiveness of global governance.

  1. Centralization

QualiWare X introduces a single integrated database which contains all your organization’s data. This creates a unified view and allows insights across the entire business.

Usage statistics can be tracked and even the most complex landscapes of obscure data can be navigated. Data is presented intuitively, enabling end-users to understand the business easily and make well-informed decisions.

  1. Customer management

Ensuring customers engage with your brand is essential to maintain a healthy business.

QualiWare X allows the mapping of customer journeys and helps businesses increase sales. By drawing together the disparate knowledge of customers, brand loyalty levels can go through the roof, and orchestration of customer engagements can be addressed granularly, driving better sales and measurable increases in satisfaction indices.

  1. Strategic modeling

By modeling strategies in software, businesses can gain valuable insight into their plans, from initial idea through implementation to results.

Powerful strategic models allow the assessment of costs and risks compared with projected strategies. The Qualiware X solution generates value and reduces the time taken for plans to come to fruition.

  1. Web modeling

The previously esoteric world of graphical modeling in a web interface is now opened up to all end-users, allowing all personnel to create process networks and workflow diagrams right in a browser. With drag and drop design, the enterprise can increase the buy-in of a wider range of stakeholders in the organization.

With QualiWare’s all-inclusive smart architecture, the process of business transformation can be continuously successful. QualiWare X takes business process management to the neXt level, improves business agility and efficiencies, drives collaboration and communication, and reduces the risk of falling foul of compliance and governance regulations.

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