Service relationship delivery begins with consultation, not a sales pitch: CSDP

25 September 2018 | 3119 Shares

Source: CSDP Corporation

Ask a Salesforce account rep what your organization’s needs for new systems, and you can bet the advice you’ll get will be to deploy Salesforce.

If your IT consultant of choice is a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, then the smart money is on its recommendation to be a roll-out of Microsoft Field Service (née FieldOne) or Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to talk to a field service software supplier whose interactions with you began with an investigation of your whole operation? What would happen if a software vendor came into your company and said, “I’m not here to sell you software, I’m here to see what’s not working right in your business.” In fact, what if that vendor told you they wouldn’t sell you software until after they completed an investigation not just to see if what it had to offer was in any way suitable, but to examine your organization’s business processes and methods?

Such is the case with CSDP, a company unique in its approach to ensuring the efficiency and profitability of your business.  CSDP begins every engagement by thoroughly reviewing a company’s operations and identifying the “holes” before any implementation begins, means that there are no surprises.  If the solution requires additional software, so be it.  If an organization needs support in aligning its processes and people to better use what it already has installed, CSDP is ready to work with each team.

Alternatively, the outcome might be that your business processes don’t need digital solutions, but physical, systemic ones.  if during CSDP’s initial review, it finds that your business processes need organizational improvement or alignment and your software works, CSDP will recommend consulting and help you get the most out of your existing software.  There’s no reason why you should buy software you don’t need or software your team won’t use.  It’s a waste of money and we won’t let you do that.  The company’s goal is to make your company work together better – not sell you software.

To date, the California-based company is proud that in virtually every case, its customers become partners. The company measures its success not by the amount of software it sells, but rather by the business value it can bring to your unique operation.

Some home truths

When businesses with service engineers reach a certain size, they have to automate their operations in order to scale. It’s at this point that IT system overhauls are often required to facilitate expected growth.

Many organizations try and use the implementation of new software or hardware systems to leverage changes in working practices and business processes overall. To CSDP, this approach is all wrong. It’s a realignment of organizational structure that needs to come first, followed by the right tools to support the changes.

CSDP’s clients trust the company to manage transformational projects because the service relationship management world is one in which the company is well-versed. Its key personnel are well-known to industry insiders, and the company’s background means that it’s ideally suited to help with determining what changes might be required, and what tools might support those changes.

How best to serve?

By thoroughly assessing the services that your company offers and taking that as the starting point for a more comprehensive program of support and empowerment, CSDP can:

  • Help to motivate you and your staff towards organizational change.
  • Identify your success indicators, and focus on driving these.
  • Manage the costs your company incurs.
  • Reduce your overall risk posture.
  • Engender a team attitude among team members.
  • Increase profits, employee happiness, and customer satisfaction.

The company’s modular software can help create efficiencies in many areas in a service-oriented operation, from contract management, to reverse logistics, report-writing to time tracking.  Its Service Relationship Management modular architecture means it can be deployed exactly where it’s needed.

Source: CSDP Corporation

However, CSDP’s and your company’s collaboration means that you’ll never be sold any solution that isn’t effective, and a 100 percent fit for your larger-scale, long-term purposes.

The company also offers training in a variety of formats – remote, in-house, group-based and even one-to-one.

This commitment to the long-term is what keeps CSDP’s customers with the company for many years. Having CSDP’s experience and skills is like having an extension to your company, one that creates value where it’s most needed.

To learn more about real return on investment in your processes, digital re-alignment and long-term partnered growth, pick up the phone and speak to CSDP. It’s one company that has many solutions, and no hidden agenda to sell your unique business a one-size-fits-all “solution.”