Using CPM to transform your business’s decision-making ability

11 July 2018 | 4400 Shares

Companies looking for outsized returns in today’s disruptive marketplace need software that ties their financial data to their strategies.

It’s how great CFOs keep up to date on budgets and ensure stellar execution on all projects and plans. One of the key tools in their arsenal is effective corporate performance management (CPM) software, something that helps make sense of data, no matter where they are.

In fact, before a company takes steps to harness big data from new and external sources, it must make sure it’s acquired the capabilities to capture and understand the organization’s financial data.

CPM ties into all of the company’s business functions, whether it’s finance, sales, marketing, operations, or HR and makes sure that managers and leaders have access to relevant financial facts and insights when formulating new business strategies.

In fact, it helps businesses follow customer and project lifecycles, from goal-setting to budgeting and planning, to consolidating results, and finally, reporting, analyzing, and reviewing.

Using a CPM solution also makes it incredibly easy for finance managers to ensure data accuracy as it makes multiples of individual spreadsheets redundant. In fact, it’s what makes businesses more resilient as well.

Take Sigma Conso, for example, it provides unified consolidation and reporting software that supports decision-making with dynamic report and simulations.

Its key strengths include budgeting, forecasting, and compliance and helps managers plan everything from finances to profitability, from projects to sales, and even internal human resource cost modeling.

The company’s planning solution also allows powerful modeling and forecasting – giving finance managers impactful what-if scenario planning, yet via an interface that’s simple to learn.

Financial closing is supported by an infrastructure that’s natively multi-lingual and multi-currency, plus it responds and reacts to different local standards, right across different geographies – country-by-country reporting (CBCR) is baked in, as well as the new IFRS 16 regulations for example.

Its intragroup reconciliation feature is an example of the innovative and thoughtful solutions it creates. It saves several days of effort for customers, allowing them to close their books sooner and focus their time on scrutinizing variances.

Finding the right CPM solution for your needs

Sigma Conso boasts clients such as Gameloft, Eiffage, Greenyard, Ceva Logistics, Besix, Auchan, TVH, who will be happy to attest to the solution’s capabilities. The company has earned their loyalty, along with a share of their business, by providing a comprehensive product that’s perfectly suited to their specific needs.

The company started operations in 2002 and has quickly worked its way up; it now has more than 600 references.

Sigma Conso uses its experience with client organizations to continually improve its product, which is something clients appreciate as regulations and requirements alter daily.

And although the company has experience working with the biggest companies in the world, they understand the needs of small and medium enterprises so support their growth and journey even in markets which seem to be dominated by large players. Disruption, with the right CPM system, is a reality.

What’s fascinating about Sigma Conso is that it’s a modular and scalable CPM that goes a long way to help customers save time, energy, and resources that can be better invested elsewhere.

CPMs should be feature-rich and modern

The fact that businesses are looking to keep up with the competition in the digital age means that their tools must not only be useful but should also support the workflow of the latest generation of executives and managers.

Sigma Conso, in this regard, is an industry-leader. It’s a true CPM provider, and its offering is completely based in the cloud, either in-house or SaaS-based.

That means businesses will always have access to the data powerhouse that is their CPM solution, no matter where they are.

That’s one of the most crucial aspects of management in today’s modern world: having feature rich applications at your disposal, to help you make decisions on the fly. It really makes all the difference.

Learn more about the CPM from Sigma Conso here.