Reimagining the enterprise architect toolkit: Orbus Software

25 July 2018 | 3510 Shares

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Think enterprise architecture (EA) and many jump to technology infrastructure. The reasons for this are obvious. Technology permeates every aspect of today’s organization and is driven significantly by the increasing acceptance of technological solutions in society.

Consumers, service users, suppliers, partners and internal personnel all interact with technology on a daily basis. Indeed, most of us carry what is effectively a small, yet highly powerful personal computer in our pockets at all times.

Beginning a process of enterprise architecture realignment, therefore usually involves a strategic portfolio management exercise focusing on existing applications and technology portfolios in place across the organization.

While some providers of EA software tools provide an application portfolio management capability, Orbus Software offers this facility only as one part of a much wider, more powerful solution, which addresses a range of other portfolios including Projects, Business Capabilities and Services. iServer’s Strategic Portfolio Management solution widens the stakeholder audience from traditional Enterprise Architects and related domain architects, to Portfolio Managers, the PMO and ultimately the C-suite; specifically CIOs, CTOs, CFOs and Chiefs of Security, Risk & Compliance.

Powered by the award-winning iServer platform, which acts as a single source of truth for all EA information, the Strategic Portfolio Management solution offers a wide set of visually rich, dynamic dashboards driven from the same data. These provide vital insight into an organization’s strategy and business capabilities & functions, the project portfolio that delivers the required changes across the business, and the application and technologies portfolios which underpin everything.

iServer’s tools allow optimization of each of these portfolios, to ensure strategic goals are achieved through the resulting transformation. Typical scenarios for conducting SPM include digital transformation, strategic alignment, managing portfolio costs & lifecycles, portfolio rationalisation, and ensuring data compliance.

This robust combination of portfolio management insights together with award winning EA capabilities (Orbus is Gartner’s Customer Choice Gold Award Winner for EA Vendors) provides enhanced decision-making to drive forward successful transformation from strategy right through to execution.

A single article on TechHQ cannot hope to do justice to the huge range of tools available to today’s Enterprise Architects from Orbus. To get an idea of the specific offerings extending right across all functions of the enterprise, you can download their free Enterprise Architecture Starter Pack. Containing everything from Microsoft Visio stencils and templates for EA standards, to a toolkit for APM initiatives, this Pack is a perfect taster of what Orbus Software can help your organization do.