In person, online, easy e-payments: is that a thing? It is with myPOS

5 June 2018 | 1660 Shares

Source: myPOS

The first time this author was impressed with a payment system in-store was in London’s Regent Street, in the newly-opened Apple Store – probably only a little more than a dozen years ago.

The bright, young store assistant gladly took the proffered credit card, and slotted it into an iPod-based handheld device, tapped the screen a few times, and then just handed the card back, casually mentioning that a receipt would be emailed.

Fast forward a few years, and smart-looking, sleek point-of-sale devices seem to be proliferating, in coffee shops, bars, and stores right across urban areas. Everyone wants to pay electronically with contactless cards or smartphone. And the business or organization that doesn’t accept online payments is one with which few people today wish to deal.

For the small or medium business, or freshly-hatched startup, accepting electronic payments (depending on where the business is based) may well have been a highly complicated affair to date. Opening merchant accounts, linking them to online payment carts, trying to lever-in electronic point of sale systems – it was all an uphill battle.

But now, right across Europe, myPOS is offering an incredibly simple, low-cost, trouble-free way of taking the full range of electronic payments, and it’s all available with no setup fee, no contracts, and no rolling sign-up period. Plus, payments flow immediately into your account and are available in seconds.

Source: myPOS

This fantastic service by myPOS covers all the bases. Small traders located anywhere can take electronic payments in person, over the phone, by email, or over the internet. What’s more, myPOS is the only supplier which provides a completely free data SIM card for its point-of-sale terminals, with no running costs. That means you can take payments anywhere there is a phone signal (or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) and have immediate access to the funds paid to you.

There is a range of hardware for every type of store, bar, restaurant, taxi, freelancer, business or trader, ranging from the ultra-portable Mini & Mini Ice to the more traditional, receipt-printing Combo. Plus, there are Android-based, extensible Smart payment terminals too.

Even without a dedicated e-commerce facility, or online shop, you can take payments either on the internet or in card-not-present situations, using ready-made payment links and buttons or the myPOS Virtual Terminal.

Furthermore, customers and clients can be emailed with prefilled payment links (payment requests), which, when clicked, take the payer to a prefilled payments cart at a secure gateway, where the transaction can be completed.

The service is affordable, charging only 1.75% on each transaction (fees may vary according to location), and, you’re not tied to a contract or subject to a start-up phase. myPOS don’t even insist that you purchase their POS devices, though the range on offer is highly competitively priced and can be ordered online or in-store – for a one-off payment.

Additionally, those organizations which use any of the myPOS solutions can create additional revenues by offering mobile phone topup, or drive extra income to the businesses by selling bespoke, white-labelled gift cards. These, ordered online and arriving in days, are perfect for general sale, loyal customers’ rewards, special offers, or promotions.

Source: myPOS

The signup process takes only a few minutes, and you can be taking electronic payments in person, over the phone or online, by the end of the business day. There’s no more need for a tortuous picking through traditional banks’ processes for merchant facilities, separate negotiations with point-of-sale hardware manufacturers, arranging dedicated ADSL & phone lines, or expensive hardware. Everything is simple, can be configured within minutes, and adds real value to your business.

Organizations unable to process payments electronically these days are often shunned, primarily by the younger generations for whom the use of e-payments is second nature. And with the habit of carrying cash, or cheque-books (!) on the wane, clients and customers are beginning to insist on card, contactless, smartphone, or even smartwatch payments in person.

There’s no reason to put payment barriers in the way of your customers anymore. Those self-same barriers are the ones which impede your business, even in the short term. By going digital, you’ll equip your organization and staff with the ability to accept payments in the ways which your customers now expect. And thanks to myPOS, it’s no longer a giant leap into the unknown!

To find out quite how easy it is, and start taking e-payments within the hour, visit the myPOS website to learn more, or click here to contact a representative near you. Find out how simple the myPOS systems can be, and how they can generate smoother cash flow and better profits for your business or organization.